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Noise effects on whales, other mammals to be studied

The Canadian government will provide $26.6 million to researchers investigating the impact of shipping-related noise on whales and other marine mammals. Several species use sound to communicate with each other, to navigate and feed. Noise generated by ship engines and» 

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DFO launches largest marine mammal survey ever in Canada’s Pacific waters

The federal government has launched the largest marine survey in Canadian Pacific waters to better understand what is happening with key mammal species such as endangered whales and to collect new information that will help better identify critical habitat for» 


Killer whales visit Victoria harbour

A pod of orcas briefly visited the harbour of the western city of Victoria on June 17, 2018, probably following prey chasing food after an exceptionally low tide. On June 4, another pod of orcas spent about an hour in» 

Canadians say zoos and aquaria are useful, but not in the keeping of dolphins and whales

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Canadians say zoos, aquariums ok, but not for dolphins, whales

The issue of animals in captivity has become a thorny one in recent years, especially in relation to cetaceans, (dolphins, whales) In Canada, only two facilities house cetaceans, Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia.» 

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Whales seen in Gulf of St. Lawrence, fisheries closed

Last year there was a record 18 North Atlantic right whale deaths in the waters of eastern North America. Most of them were in the Gulf of St Lawrence and were attributed in large part to entanglement with fishing gear.» 

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Desperate attempt to free right whale

Marine biologists are on the lookout for one of the few remaining northern right whales. The female known as “kleenex” was first spotted entangled in 2014, and hadn’t been seen until March of this year when she was spotted off» 


Canada to ban capture of dolphins, whales

The federal government will ban the capture of marine mammals like whales, dolphins and porpoises, according to proposed legislation presented by the governing Liberals in the House of Commons. The prohibition on fishing for cetaceans “with intent to take them» 

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Beluga whale genome sequenced in Canada

Beluga whales Qila and Aurora fell ill and died at the Vancouver Aquarium in November 2016 but their DNA will contribute to efforts to preserve this species at risk. Researchers say they have collected enough DNA samples from the mother» 

The LINK Online Sunday Dec. 3, 2017

Your hosts Lynn, Marie-Claude, Levon, Marc (Video of show at bottom) (all items are excerpts of longer interviews available in the highlights section: Comments open on all stories at bottom of page) Daesh is crumbling and there are concerns about» 

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Necropsy report on shocking right whale deaths

(public comments are open on all RCI stories-scroll to bottom of story for the form) This summer was catastrophic for the endangered North Atlantic right whale population, with some 12 animals found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence and»