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Reports say Japan will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission

Many media are reporting that Japan is set to withdraw from the IWC shortly. The country which has often been in disagreement with IWC whaling restrictions says it will soon return to commercial whaling. However they will not longer hunt »

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History: June 27, 1854-The Canadian inventor who saved the whales

 Some 160 years ago, whales were being actively slaughtered by the thousands in the quest for things like their baleen, used in women’s garments, and for things like fishing rods, umbrella stays, buggy whips, etc. but especially sought after was »

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HISTORY- November 17, 1903: Sovereignty and order come to the high Arctic

The high Arctic can be a forbidding place, but just over 100 years ago, a tiny island in the Beaufort Sea was a busy place.  There was a large Inuit (Inuvialuit) presence, and added to that were regular visits by »

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Japan told to halt Antarctic whaling, activists in Canada want stricter rules

The International Court of Justice in a 12-4 ruling on Monday ordered a temporary halt to Japanese whaling in the Antarctic. The court says the hunt is not “scientific” as Japan claims. A ship from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society »

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Labrador town declared a new World Heritage Site

There is a new UNESCO World Heritage Site in Canada.  It’s Red Bay, Labrador, where in the 16th century there was a large Basque whale rendering operation. © google It was a history that was almost entirely forgotten until federal archivist Selma »