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Bat warning in western Canada

White-nose syndrome has killed millions of bats in eastern North America and the western province of British Columbia wants travelers to help prevent the fungal disease from spreading to that province. It is asking people to check “to make sure »

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White nose disease of bats reaches west coast

Biologists and conservationists in west coast British Columbia are now very concerned about ‘white nose syndrome” in bats. The disease is actually a whitish fungus that attacks the fleshy portions of bats, around their muzzles near the nose, hence “white »

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Government recognizes die-off of bats

The federal government has just listed three species of bats in Canada as being “endangered”. Bat populations in eastern Canada have been devastated by a fungus known as “white nose disease”.   It first appeared in New York state in 2006 »

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Boom in mosquitoes, and possibly West Nile virus, expected in Canada

Much of Canada has had a cool and wet spring and early summer. Flooding in many areas has also left a vast number of standing pools of water, perfect breeding grounds for the nasty pests all across the country.  Now »