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Fredericton declares a whooping cough outbreak

Public health officials in the eastern province of New Brunswick have declared an outbreak of pertussis, which is commonly known as whooping cough. Twelve cases were reported in the city of Fredericton in January, March and April 2019. This bacterial »


Pregnant women should get vaccinated, say doctors

In the past, pregnant women were warned to not get vaccinations but now new guidelines are recommending some to protect both her and the coming baby. Pregnant women are at increased risk of flu-related hospitalization, complications and even death, warns »

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Baby’s illness turns mom against anti-vaxxers

An outbreak of whooping cough in the western province of Manitoba and her own baby’s illness have made one mother furious with the anti-vaccine movement. All Canadian children have access to free vaccinations to protect them against about a dozen »

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Canadian doctors call for vaccination proof before entering school

Canada’s doctors have decided not to call for mandatory vaccinations of schoolchildren. The Canadian Medical Association  held their annual general meeting this week in Halifax Nova Scotia. However a resolution was passed that amounts to almost the same thing. The doctors resolution »