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But what about if you die?

You’d think with so much money, lawyers and advisors available, a mega pop star like Prince would have had a last will and testament in place, but he didn’t.  His sudden death left assets of approximately $300 million in the »


You won’t live forever. Make a will

Sad but true, and almost half the population doesn’t have a will to determine how to divide up their assets and who gets what. In west coast British Columbia, the government has declared April 11-16 as “Make a Will Week” »

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More Canadians provide for pets in their wills

Canadians love their pets to the point that some of them make provisions for them in their wills, reports the Globe and Mail. The newspaper quotes Barry Seltzer, a lawyer and co-author of a book called Fat Cats & Lucky »


Judge overrules last will-“contrary to public policy”

When is a last will and testament not valid? A judge in the Superior Court of Ontario has ruled that a trustee is not required to carry out the last wishes when it runs contrary to public policy. In this »