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Powerful storm ravages Canada’s west coast

High winds pounded the southwestern part of the province of British Columbia yesterday downing huge trees, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity, and disrupting air and ferry services. The water treatment plant is not functioning in Nanaimo on »


‘Crisis’ power failure blamed on weather

The electrical utility in the western province of Saskatchewan says there is a crisis event of major power failures in several areas due to heavy frost and wind. Most of Canada experiences extreme cold and snow in winter and utilities »


Nasty weather causes accidents, power failures

A mix of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, rain and strong winds wreaked havoc on southern Ontario yesterday and moved on to southern Quebec overnights. Tens of thousands of people in both provinces suffered a loss of electricity as parts »

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Energy sold at a loss: Ontario engineers say bad idea for the province

Excess energy sold to U.S at a loss, while prices here increase Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, and with massive renewable hydro-electric power, a major reason for the province’s historic industrial success. In fact, with abundant hydro, and added »

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Changing winds may harm polar bear’s ability to hunt

A new study shows polar bears travel crosswind when winds are light to hunt seals, but climate change means winds will grow stronger in the Arctic and that could make hunting more difficult for them. Researchers at the University of »


A ‘dangerous’ blizzard hammers eastern Canada

Even by Canadian standards, this is a nasty snow storm. Heavy snow is combining with ferocious winds to bring much of Canada’s Maritime Provinces to a standstill. Schools, businesses, offices, ferry and transit services have shut down in much of »

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Arctic energy: What can polar regions learn from each other?

Energy security and the cost of living are constant challenges in most polar regions. While the South focuses on things like offshore drilling and how northern resources can be accessed to fuel southern regions, less attention is paid to both the energy challenges and »

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Fishing, science missions and the end of diesel in the North? – Arctic week in review

On this week’s news round-up, we bring you some of your most read stories from Eye on the Arctic this week: – The five nations that boarder the Arctic Ocean signed a moratorium this month on fishing in the region. Does »