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Alcohol and austerity: Ontario government takes action

Canada’s most populous province, is also one of the most indebted political jurisdictions in the world. After years of Liberal government, citizens opted for change with the Progressive Conservative party headed by former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford. He had »

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Study: No alcohol level is “safe”

Global study on alcohol consumption Bad news for beer lovers, wine lovers, and those who like a wee dram of whisky and other spirits, even moderation is apparently not ok. The study was published today in the British medical journal »

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The politics of alcohol

Canadian survey of political preference and preferred drink Here’s a burning summer question: are your political preferences reflected in your alcoholic beverage of choice? Recently the Angus Reid Institute posed that question and surveyed Canadians on the subject. While there »

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Wine war: International dispute sees Australia vs Canada

Canada and the U.S. have a long history of trade challenges, seemingly made more intense with the recent protectionist attitude of the U.S. Now, Australia has decided it wants to challenge Canada too, in this case over wine. On Friday »

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Booze warning label experiment abruptly ends

Industry pushes back against warning labels The idea was to test the effects of warning labels on the habits of excessive alcohol consumption. The experiment, a Canadian first, and in some senses a world first, was to have large bright »

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the LINK Online: Sun. Nov. 19, 2017

Your hosts, Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, and Marc (video of show at bottom) There is an international coalition campaigning to ban fully autonomous weapons © CBC They are killers, and they operate and make decisions by themselves on when and where and »

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Canadian scientists help discover 8,000-year-old wine in Georgia

A team of University of Toronto archaeologists has contributed to the discovery of the oldest chemical evidence of wine found anywhere in the world, according to a recently published research study. The discovery at two excavation sites in southeastern Georgia, »

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Climate change and the wine industry

In some of the traditional European wine regions, climate change has become a serious concern for their future. In Canada, where wines in the past several years have begun to win international competitions, there is both good news, and bad »

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Provincial wine and spirits agency urges Ontarians to “stock up”

For the provincially controlled retail sales outlet for wines and spirits in the province of Ontario, two major events are looming. One is the first long-weekend holiday of the season which traditionally signals the beginning of summer, and the other »