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Canada history: May 15, 1919 – The labour dispute that shook Canada

Winnipeg General Strike For thousands of soldiers who had risked life and limb for their country during the First World War, the return to civilian life was frustrating. Finding a job was difficult with many factories now closed, bankruptcies common,» 

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Warning: Beware of seniors in parking lots with shovels! (really)

Ah, the joys and perils of winter. As great swaths of Canada grapple with temperatures better suited to the North Pole and news stories inform us that Winnipeg is hitting temperatures colder than Siberia, Canadians are bombarded with stories about» 


Garbage Hill: the prank people want to come back

Mystery sign came and went-but may come again In Winnipeg everyone knows about the large park-like covered mound in the middle of the city. It’s a popular spot for walkers, joggers, cyclists and dog owners. The hill was in fact» 

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Ancient beer comes to life

Besides being Canadian, what does a university expert in Hellenistic and Roman history who can translate ancient Greek, and a craft brewery have in common? The answer is approximately 1,700-year-old Egyptian beer. Professor Matt Gibbs is Chair of the University» 


Jimmy Carter taken to Canadian hospital

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was taken to hospital in the western Canadian city of Winnipeg suffering from dehydration. The 92-year old was in the city and in Edmonton earlier this week volunteering with a charity he favours called Habitat» 

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Canada history: Mar.1, 1966: the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

If this was the US they would have made a blockbuster crime-thriller feature film about one of the biggest heists in Canadian history, and the dapper mastermind behind it. Just on his other escapades alone Ken Leishman’s story would have» 

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A unique new winter game. Two older games mashed into new!

Curling is a sport that is widely believed to have originated in Scotland and followed Scots as they moved to the colonies in what is now Canada a couple of centuries ago. Canadians are world champions at the game, with» 


Canada’s premier football event: The Grey Cup!

All this weekend a huge number of parties and celebrations have been going on in the western city of Winnipeg Manitoba. Today is marks the 103rd edition of the final match up and culmination of the Canadian Football League (CFL)» 

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Hockey owners agree to ban aboriginal headdress

Owners of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team have reversed their position and will ban aboriginal headdresses at home games. Longtime fan Jordan Wheeler had complained about a fan wearing the feathered head gear at a game last March. Many indigenous» 

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History: June 12-13, 1944 The Victoria Cross to P/O Andy Mynarski.

Born in Winnipeg in 1916, Andrew Mynarski followed the hundreds of thousands of other young Canadians and signed up to fight in Europe against Nazi oppression. After a brief stay in the infantry with the Royal Winnipeg rifles, he transferred»