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Whither the weather this winter in Canada?

The age old Canadian question, what’s the weather going to be like this winter? For decades prior to the age of the internet, computers, radar, satellites, many people in N. America relied on the Farmers’ Almanac for predictions of conditions »


Majority of Canadian university sports canceled until winter 2021

U Sports, the national brand of university sports in Canada, has decided to cancel six of its national championships for the 2020 fall season, according to a press release from the league on Monday afternoon. The league came to the »

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It’s too late: Short ice-skating ends for the season on renowned Rideau Canal

Ice skating on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal is an iconic Canadian winter experience and also attracts tourists from around the world. The Canadian capital city is also billed as one of the top ten coldest national capitals in the world. That »

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It’s official, no unanimous groundhog agreement on winter’s end in Canada.

Four   out of six of the pudgy furballs say spring is around the corner.  Shubanacadie Sam (N.S.) sas his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter, as did Van Isle Violet (B.C.) but  Fred la marmotte (Qc), Wiarton Willie »

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Canada in winter: bundle up- or bring an umbrella

Winter weather across this country can be, well bizarre. Last week in the southern areas of Ontario and Quebec, any backyard ice rinks melted in above zero temperatures as has happened at least a couple of times so far this »

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Some waterways in Canada’s Great Lakes region now as salty as ocean: study

Road salt levels have hit new record levels in Canada’s Great Lakes region, making some waterways as salty as the ocean according to new chloride maps revealed by environmental advocates. WWF-Canada’s Great Lakes Chloride Summer Hot Spot Map reveals that »

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More than 30 inventions you wouldn’t expect to be Canadian

rom long before the invention of the wheel to long after the colonization of Mars and interstellar journeys, the quest for innovation was, is, and will always be part of who we are as humans. It is in our genes »


What Canadians hate most about winter

Winter is long in Canada and when asked an open-ended question in a survey, 55 per cent of respondents cited the cold as what they dislike the most. That was followed by 25 per cent who cited snow and 10 »

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Feeding birds in winter: both a good and bad idea

Winter is a tough time for most animals, birds included. Humans have long enjoyed helping out by providing food in birdfeeders. But for many years now, scientists and other researcher have been saying that’s both good and not so good »


Canadians hate January; ice cream maker hopes to capitalize

A survey run by a creamery confirms that many Canadians loathe the cold month of January. Most people take holidays around Christmas (December 25) and New Year’s (January 1) and dread returning to work afterwards, especially since the next statutory »