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Animal advocates call for a ban on poison to kill wolves, other animals

Two groups have asked the federal government to review the use of strychnine and other poisons to control wolves, coyotes, skunks and black bears. The use of these products is restricted under Canada’s Pest Control Products Act. The federal government »

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Wolves vs caribou and jobs

Mill town fears logging restriction to save caribou will kill the town It’s a very tough decision for all involved. The provincial government in west coast British Columbia along with environmental groups and First Nations are very concerned about the »

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Wolves: tough times in resort country

(Public comments open on all RCI stories- scroll to very bottom to read or post comments) Wolves are top predators and their place in an ecosystem is important to keep things in balance. The animals however have had a troubled »

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West coast wolf-cull challenged in court

Wolves to be killed by shooters in helicopters In the west coast province of British Columbia, the mountain caribou herds are dwindling rapidly. Wolves kill caribou, so the province began a programme of killing wolves in 2015 with the stated »

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Four wolves killed in northern city

While Canada has abundant wildlife, it doesn’t usually make its way into cities and attack dogs or follow their owners. But for the last two weeks, wolves have been roaming the northern city of Whitehorse and exhibiting unusual behaviour. While »

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Controversy growing over western Canada wolf cull

Some research professors in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are arguing against the western wolf cull currently being carried out by the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. In a paper published online this week, they say the killing of »

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Controversial wolf cull now underway in B.C

.The west coast province of British Columbia has embarked on a plan to shoot wolves in what they say is an immediate action in an effort to save the few remaining caribou of the South Selkirk herd. The South Selkirk »

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Alberta UNESCO World Heritage park: endangered

Wood Buffalo is home to hundreds of wildlife species including bison and the endangered whooping crane © google An aboriginal group in northern Alberta have written to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization asking for a new designation for »

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Fencing in caribou to help their survival

Caribou across the country are declining due to a number of reasons, not the least of which is industrial activity in their habitat. This is especially so in for woodland caribou in central Alberta where oil sands projects are booming »

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Wolf cull in Saskatchewan

The central prairie province of Saskatchewan is about to begin a temporary wolf hunt, starting Monday. Last winter was long and harsh and took its toll on wildlife. For wolves, a traditional prey, the whitetail deer, suffered greatly and the »