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Most professionals admit having gone to work sick: survey

An online survey suggests that 89 per cent of Canadian professionals have gone to the office with cold or flu symptoms. Of those, 27 per cent said they always do. More than half who said they went to work with» 


Romance at work mostly remains hidden: online survey

An online survey suggests that one in three respondents have been involved in a workplace relationship, 45 per cent of them kept it a secret from someone and 27 per cent hid it from everyone at work.   A majority of» 

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Men: working themselves to death (interview)

Stress, lifestyle unhealthy results It’s a fact. Men, on average, die sooner than women and its often  because they’re working themselves to death. The Japanese have a word for it, karoshi. Along with increased stress levels, come a number of» 


‘Secret parenting’ said to be bad for business

While the Canadian government provides paid parental leave for employees, there appear to be workplace barriers that prompt parents to avoid drawing attention to their children. “It could be something small like not putting photos out on your desk,” says» 

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Bilingualism benefits workers, the economy: report

People who speak both of Canada’s official languages, French and English, have better wages and work outcomes, according to a study of those living outside the province of Quebec. In Quebec, it is common for people to be bilingual, but» 

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Projects sought to help newcomers get jobs

The Canadian government has invited proposals for projects that help newcomers enter the job market faster. It is often difficult for newcomers to have their credentials recognized in Canada. The government seeks projects that will help with that and will» 

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Over half of Canadians see or suffer bullying at work: poll

A public opinion survey found that 55 per cent of respondents said they, a co-worker, or both have been bullied at work. The figure was higher for older Canadians as it was for disabled respondents. The survey also found only» 


Most Canadian Employers plan year-end parties for employees

A new survey found 97 per cent of senior managers say their company will be hosting a year-end party in 2018. Often these are Christmas parties, but in a bid to accommodate diversity, many offices prefer to characterize them as» 


Fathers work, but are more involved at home: analysis

A study of the government statistics shows that a growing number of fathers are involved in their child’s early years and they are more likely to assume household responsibilities than in the past. The non-profit Vanier Institute of the Family» 


Vacation time taken by only one in three Canadians workers

Most Canadians get two weeks’ vacation per year, perhaps more as they gain seniority, but only one in three actually takes it, according to a survey by the payroll management company, ADP Canada. Another 28 per cent report taking less»