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David vs Goliath: anger grows over business vs low wage employees

Ontario minimum wage increase: Protests grow over business cutting employee benefits Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has raised the minimum wage paid to workers to $14/hour as of January 1, an increase of $2.40 over the previous minimum hourly wage» 


Younger workers more likely to be late

Only two per cent of Canadian chief financial officers (CFOs) accept worker being late only if productivity doesn’t suffer, according for a survey for Accountemps, a specialized staffing service. Sixty-five per cent of respondents said coming in late is okay» 

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Are you happy at work? Americans tops, Canada fifth.

Everyone knows you spend a lot of your life at your workplace. It’s much better for everyone, yourself, colleagues, employer, if you’re happy at your work. A recent survey of professionals in several countries ranked “happiness” and stress levels. The» 

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Advice on finding a job that is a True Fit

People spend a lot of time working and author Jim Beqaj says they deserve to spend it doing something they like and are good at. He has written a book called True Fit: How to find the RightJob by Being» 

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Emails after work may be counter-productive

Increasingly, employees are answering work emails after hours in Canada and, besides being stressful, at least one researcher says it can be counter-productive. “It’s a growing problem,” says Rhonda McEwen, an assistant professor of new media at the University of» 

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Another population bulge changing Canada

Canada’s large cohort of young people may have the same aspirations as their parents, but they have very different ideas about work and lifestyle, and it’s something employers will have to adapt to, according to a polling firm. At an» 

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Some foreign students allege exploitation at work

Some international students say they are working for less that the legal minimum wage and face other unfair working conditions in the eastern city of Halifax. Like other provinces, Nova Scotia has a law regulating labour standards. CBC News has» 

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Vacations? Canadians need to let go, but don’t

 Summer vacation..time to kick back, relax, let go…or not. Two studies show Canadians just can’t relax and a substantial number work for their boss in their own spare time. A new Randstad Canada Workmonitor survey found 50 percent say they don’t» 

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Growing number of Ontario workers in low-wage, precarious jobs: report

A report by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives comes to a grim conclusion about Ontario’s labour market: it is increasingly becoming precarious.  And the think tank calls the changes that have taken place in the last 17 years» 

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Cars, commuting, and dissatisfaction with life

It seems some people actually don’t mind the commute to work behind the wheel.  Most people however do not enjoy it and a new study has found a direct connection between commuting and satisfaction with life. Indeed, the longer the»