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Another Guinness World Record for Canada

Leaving the news world of doom and gloom for a moment, a story that’s not a “fish tale”. Len Thompson, is the Canadian who created one of the most popular fishing lures of all time, and the giant replica of »

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Iconic symbol to Ontario mining to disappear

Sudbury and surrounding area in northern Ontario, was built around mining in the hard rock of the Canadian shield geographical feature. Known for its giant ‘nickel’ five cent coin, symbolising nickel mining, the other landmark is a truly gigantic smokestack »

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T-rex: Canada now home to the world’s largest carnivore

Saskatchewan, one of Canada’s prairie provinces, is now home to the largest and oldest specimen of a Tyrannosaurus rex. The well-preserved fossils, about 65 per cent of the beast, were found back in 1991, but it was only able to »

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Elvis is back!

Well, not exactly, but the Elvis festival is back. We may be just in the middle of winter in N.America, but tickets are already on sale for one of the world’s biggest Elvis festivals. In fact it bills itself as »