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Top weather disasters Canada 2017

As we start this new year in Canada, much of the southern part of the entire country has been gripped by Arctic temperatures in the -20’s to -30’s Celsius. When you add in the wind-chill factor, those temperatures seem much »


Motorists asked to report worst roads

This is a time of year when an extra amount of potholes open up in roads across Canada, driving motorists to distraction. Heavy vehicles clearing snow can damage road surfaces in winter and in spring, the alternating cold and warm »

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Canada history : Jan. 5, 1998 – the deadly ice storm of the century

For some people in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec the start of this new year was a worrisome case of déjà vu. On Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017, freezing rain fell throughout the region, but then fortunately stopped. Yesterday however, snow »