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Canadians visit WWI battlegrounds in record numbers

Last year was the centenary of many great Canadian victories in the First World War, helping to end the war in 1918. The attention given to those battles, including a newly erected monument to commemorate the battle of Hill 70» 

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History Canada: Dec. 6, 1917: WWI strikes Halifax

Worst domestic tragedy in Canada, the biggest man-made, non-nuclear explosion in history. In was December 6, 1917 and deadly war in Europe still dragged on with its massive destruction and horrific toll in lives. Canada’s east coast port city of» 

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Artistic documentary: Remembering Vimy

Historical century old military films presented in a new and fascinating way. This year marks the centennial of a number of incredible yet tragically costly Canadian victories in the First World War. Canada had also sent photo and film units» 

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New stamp honours 100th anniversary of Canada’s worst domestic tragedy

Exactly 100 years ago on December 6 1917, the bustling Canadian port city of Halifax Nova Scotia was destroyed. Some 2,000 people died, immediately or shortly thereafter, and another 9,000 suffered a variety of injuries. It was surely one of» 

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Remembrance week: 100 years, the blood soaked fields of Flanders

November 6, Canadians take Passchendaele This year marks the 100th anniversary of many momentous battle of the First World War. After incredible but costly victories at Vimy and Hill 70, the Canadians were called upon to take the village of» 

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100 years later, finally a memorial to a forgotten battle

One hundred years ago this week, a geographic mound outside the French city of Lens was the site of a major strategic battle of the First World War. Known as the Battle of Hill 70, it was a  10-day struggle» 

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Book: The Vimy Oaks: A Journey to Peace

It’s a little known story about a man who loved trees, a man of peace whose duty sent him to war in the battlefields of France.  From amongst the blasted stumps he saved some acorns to regrow those once magnificent» 

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100 years since Canada became a world nation at Vimy Ridge

About 25,000 people are in northern France this weekend to commemorate the centennial of a major event in Canadian and world history. They are gathering at a high ground about half way between the French cities of Arras and Lens.» 

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Vimy: 100 years later, Canadians a little confused about when and where of this major battle

It is almost 100 years to the day that Canada achieved a nation-defining moment in April 1917. It was on the battlefields of northern France during the First World War. Where Britain and France had failed with astronomical loss of» 

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Update: Hill 70 – Outstanding Canadian victory, forgotten no longer

In just a few short days, on April 9, a massive crowd will gather at the spectacular Canadian Vimy memorial in France for the 100th anniversary of that incredible victory which marked a turning point for the Allies in that»