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Northerners want caribou calving grounds protected: WWF

Populations of barren-ground caribou in Canada’s Arctic are plummeting to the point they may never recover, says Brandon Laforest of World Wildlife Fund Canada. And a poll conducted by Environics Research suggests that 87 per cent of residents of northern »

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Conservation groups hope to educate Canadians with new Arctic marine atlas

Faced with dramatic shifts in the Arctic due to joint pressures of climate change and industrial development, a trio of Canadian NGOs released Monday an educational tool they hope will help shape the conversation about protecting the region’s fragile environment »

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Salt used on icy roads and parking lots kills wildlife: WWF-Canada

World Wildlife Fund Canada says road salt is having a devastating impact on the freshwater ecosystems of the Great Lakes at the heart of North America. When roads and highways get slippery from ice and snow, salt is often spread »

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World maritime body to discuss Canadian proposal on heavy fuel oil in the Arctic

Environmental groups are urging the world maritime body to support a Canadian proposal to mitigate the risks posed by the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) in Arctic waters. The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC 71) »

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Plant native species, help wildlife, urge conservationists

Conservation groups are encouraging gardeners to plant native species to help preserve a unique habitat in the province of Ontario. The Carolinian Zone is one of the most biologically diverse regions of Canada and at the same time one of »

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Canada’s freshwater ‘at risk’: WWF-Canada

Canada is home to 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater and, while Canadians believe it to be pristine and abundant, the World Wildlife Fund-Canada says it is at risk. The conservation group issued a report on all 25 of »

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B.C. conservationist wins $10,000 award

Anne Sherrod, a researcher, director and campaigner for the Valhalla Wilderness Society, has won the inaugural $10,000 Glen Davis Conservation Leadership Prize. Sherrod has campaigned for decades to preserve several of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes in the western province of »

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Caribou decline, Arctic shipping and renewable energy: WWF – Canada looks back at 2016

The Arctic is already experiencing the effects of climate change with extremely alarming statistics on temperature rise and lack of sea ice that require urgent global action, says the president of World Wildlife Fund – Canada. “We need to take »

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Time to invest in renewable energy for Arctic communities: WWF-Canada

The need to replace Nunavut’s ageing diesel-powered generators in the near future creates an ideal opportunity to invest in more renewable energy sources for Canada’s Arctic communities, says World Wildlife Fund-Canada. Reducing the reliance of isolated northern communities on the »