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U.N report: grim picture on global biodiversity and protection efforts

The 5th Global Biodiversity Outlook by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) paints a somewhat grim picture of global efforts to halt the destruction of nature. In early 2002, the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity committed »

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Amazon rainforest fires: world concern

Fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are up over 145 per cent from last year according to Greenpeace, and many are blaming it directly on human causes.  In fact many, including French President Emmanuel Macron, lay the blame at the foot »

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Some waterways in Canada’s Great Lakes region now as salty as ocean: study

Road salt levels have hit new record levels in Canada’s Great Lakes region, making some waterways as salty as the ocean according to new chloride maps revealed by environmental advocates. WWF-Canada’s Great Lakes Chloride Summer Hot Spot Map reveals that »

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Dire predictions of species collapse and extinction

A new World Wildlife Fund (WWF) study paints a very alarming picture of the state of nature worldwide. The report just out is called “The Living Planet Report 2018”. It notes that on average there has been an overall decline of »

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Arctic waters: more concerns from shipping, tourism

It’s called “grey water”. It’s not sewage, but its certainly not clean either. It’s the dirty water resulting from clothes washing, dish washing, showers and sinks. This waste water includes soaps, nutrients, and microplastics. The World Wildlife Federation-Canada has raised »

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Shocking decline of Canadian wildlife

Half of vertebrate species in Canada are in decline Most Canadians and most of the people around the world think of Canada as a country with great regions of pristine wilderness. To a certain extent that is true, but a »

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Concerns over changes to Canada’s offshore drilling policy

Several environmental agencies have expressed concerns over relatively quiet changes being proposed for offshore drilling. They say notice for public consultation has been barely advertised, that affected first nations tribes have not been consulted at all, and that most input »

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Aha! So that’s what it’s for!

Narwhal tusk mystery-solved (videos below) The narwhal has intrigued people for hundreds of years. It’s long spear-like tusk a source of mystery and often wild speculation.   The tusk is actually an overgrown canine tooth. The tusks which can grow to »

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WWF study finds gaping holes in ability to respond to Arctic ship fuel spills

..response plans rely on capacities and methods that may not  exist or cannot be adapted in remote communities to respond to a ship-based spill. WWF The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report on the ability of Canada to deal »

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Canada fails to take action to save orcas, say conservationists

The Canadian government’s new action plan to save orca whales does not include “the strong, immediate actions that would help this species teetering on the edge of survival,” says a news release from World Wildlife Fund Canada. It notes the »