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Canada to welcome more Yazidi refugees and other survivors of ISIS

The federal government is planning to resettle in Canada hundreds of additional Yazidi refugees and other survivors of the Islamic State reign of terror in Northern Iraq in an effort to help reunite refugees with surviving members of their extended »

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Canada to resettle 1,200 Yazidi refugees

Canada will resettle 1,200 survivors of the ISIS campaign to target religious minorities in northern Iraq, Canadian officials announced Tuesday. The government will particularly focus its attention on vulnerable members of the Yazidi ethnic and religious minority, officials said during a press conference »

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Canada reaffirms commitment to bring in Yazidi refugees

With less than two days left on a Parliament-mandated deadline to relocate to Canada persecuted Yazidi refugees from northern Iraq, the federal government says it remains devoted to meeting its commitment but has yet to unveil any details. “Canada has »

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Thousands of Yazidis are ready to move to Canada: NGO

Canadian authorities looking for candidates for resettlement in Canada among Yazidi refugees scattered in camps in northern Iraq will have no shortage of applicants, says a Yazidi NGO working with the refugees. “If you give a chance to people to »

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What Canada can learn from Germany’s Yazidi refugee relocation program

With the clock ticking on a parliamentary deadline to bring to Canada an undetermined number of Yazidi refugees within the next 120 days, Canadian immigration officials have turned to their German colleagues for advice. Over the past two years, Germany »

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Ottawa will have to think outside the box to bring Yazidi refugees: Conservative MP

The Liberal government will have to break through bureaucratic barriers and think outside the box to come up with a plan to bring Yazidi genocide survivors to Canada, says an opposition member of Parliament. Three weeks after the House of »