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Canada’s long summer school break and literacy concerns for children

In Canada, school children have long breaks of a little over two months. During this time, some studies have shown that  a percentage of children tend to lose some of the literacy and math skills acquired during the previous school »

A new study finds people saying their consensual polyamory relationships are benefitical. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Polyamory-loving more than one at the same time- with permission

It’s technically called “consensual non-monogamy”, or “ethical non-monomagmy” or “polyamory, meaning carrying on two or more relationships at the same time, and with the consent of all involved. Most would consider this a marginal lifestyle, but research shows roughly four »

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Road safety should be standardized to save children: researchers

In Canada, each province or territory is responsible for its own rules of the road and they differ from place to place. Researchers say it would reduce death and hospitalization among young Canadians if there were just one code for »

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York University opens a door to students from the other side of the (immigration) tracks

There’s nothing quite like putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to helping those in need. Toronto’s York University, for example. A lot of people at York, including its president, are going to bat for a lot of »

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Neutrinos: Towards discovering the secrets of the cosmos

“Whenever anything cool happens in the universe, neutrinos are usually involved” Lindley Winslow, MIT They’re so tiny, and virtually without mass, that trillions of them zip completely through us every day. In fact they pass through everything and only rarely have »

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Robust field study confirms neonic toxicity and bees.

Many studies have linked a relatively new insecticide group, neonicotinoids, which were developed in the 1980’s and 90’s, to a marked increase in bee deaths and hive mortality. Neonicotinoids are neurotoxins, and unlike other chemical insecticides which are on the »

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First-ever guidelines for Type 1 diabetics who exercise

People with Type 1 diabetes must be careful to control their sugar levels and doing exercise can make that more difficult and even dangerous if they miscalculate. But now an international team of researchers and clinicians led by York University »

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Tension mounts as Juno probe nears Jupiter

Exploring the giant gas planet-critical manoeuvring It’s an extremely ambitious project. The space probe Juno has been travelling for years outward bound from Earth, heading toward Jupiter. The only solar powered spacecraft sent to the outer reaches of the solar »

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Quasars and the fastest ultraviolet winds ever

More mysteries of black holes in the universe are being revealed and unravelled at York University in Toronto while leading an international team of astrophysicists The scientists have detected the fastest ever ultraviolet wavelength winds being pushed out from black »

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Putting a new spin on galaxies

A university researcher in Ontario has shaken up the world of astrophysics recently. George Conidis is a York University PhD candidate in astrophysics. who has just received a prestigious MITACS* award this week for his work in understanding the universe. He discovered »