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Global warming and economic effects of dwindling lake freezing

In 2015 a study of over 200 lakes around the world (containing a total of half the world’s freshwater supply) showed a clear warming trend. At the time, it was suggested that this is affecting drinking water quality, fish habitat, »

White throated sparrows like this were studied for the effects of a common neonicotinoid insecticide which could end up in their diet of seeds (Wiki commons- Cephas)

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Study shows dramatic songbird decline possibly linked to insecticide

Songbird populations around the world have been in steep decline in recent years and scientists have been searching for reasons. In North America the populations of more than 75 per cent of songbirds and other seed–eating birds have declined considerably »

The American bumble bee is in serious decline according to a new Canadian study. The bee is recognizable by its dark wings and yellow striping ( Kristy Baker via NY Natural Heritage Programme)

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Another bee species under critical threat

While there have been several stories over the years of serious declines in honey bee populations, the state of the many wild bees is almost impossible to gauge but is thought to also be seriously compromised. Wild bees are critical »


Impaired driving suspects named by another Ontario police force

York Regional Police, serving over a million people north of Toronto, is the latest Ontario police force publishing the names of all people charged with driving impaired by alcohol or drug use. York Police Chief Eric Joliffe made the announcement »


Obesity: not automatically a health risk

A new study looked at health risks for people who fit the statistical classification as being obese. What it found is that if there are no other health concerns evident, the risk of death was not higher for obese people »


Fat people who are fit have the related health benefits: study

New research suggests that people who are obese or severely obese may be fit and, if they are, they have the same or possibly better health benefits from their fitness than do other people. Many studies link obesity with diabetes, »

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More tough talk on trade from US Secretary of Commerce

Donald Trump who is poised to become the US President today, has named the man who will advise and implement trade policy, billionaire Wilbur Ross. Both have said they want to re-examine trade deals which Trump has said are detrimental »

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Human records confirm climate warming science, (or vice versa)

A vast multitude of scientific studies from all over the world have been showing rapid warming and climate change since the industrial revolution. Now, an international research team has been poring over records of physical observations meticulously and continuously recorded »

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University and environmental group join to save endangered species.

It’s a unique collaboration between a university and an non-governmental environmental group. Toronto’s York University has teamed with Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) of Guelph, Ontario, to work towards preserving Canada’s most endangered species. Shiela Colla (PhD) is an assistant professor »

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New research: world’s lakes rapidly warming

A new global study shows the world’s fresh water lakes are heating up, and that lakes located further away from the equator are warming faster than others.  Sapna Sharma (PhD) is the lead author of the research. She is an »