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Amazing discovery: new information about preserved ice age wolf cub

It was an unbelievable find. In July 2016 a gold miner near Dawson City, Yukon, found what he thought was dead puppy.  It turned out to be an ice age wolf cub almost perfectly preserved. Scientists  believe the cub was »

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Will seismic oil and gas testing go ahead in Arctic refuge?

With the U.S election imminent, an extremely controversial environmental question hangs in the balance. The Trump administration has been pushing for quick approval of seismic testing in a huge Alaskan wildlife refuge that borders on Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Arctic »

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Unwanted sexual behaviour in North echoes the rest of Canada: study

A survey from Statistics Canada has found that more than one-third of women (35%) in Canada’s northern territories–Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut–have been subjected to unwanted sexual behaviour in a public place–roughly double what it was for men (16%). »

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Canada History: May 6, 1898: Protecting Canada’s Yukon from Americans

On this day in 1898, Canada send a small group of its fledgling permanent militia to protect Canada’s interests in the far north from potential U.S. occupation. Canada and the U.S. like to boast that through a history of friendly »

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Desperate dash to escape COVID-19 ends in Yukon

Several news organizations, including CBC News, are reporting that a Quebec couple–apparently terrified by the COVID-19 outbreak–travelled thousands of kilometres to Canada’s Far North last week seeking safe haven. They wound up in a remote northern Yukon community last Friday »


Yukon abandons seasonal time change

People living in the Yukon will change their clocks for the seasonal time change for the last time this weekend. The territorial government of Yukon made the announcement Wednesday that Yukon will remain on Pacific Daylight Saving Time after Yukoners »

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Canada funds climate action by Assembly of First Nations Yukon Region

The Canadian government announced that they will be providing the Assembly of First Nations Yukon Region $250,000 through the Climate Action Fund according to a press release from Environment and Climate Change Canada. With the funding, the Assembly of First »

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Northwest Territories now has 911 for emergency calls

Sometimes those of us who live in southern Canada forget how different life can be for our distant neighbours living in the country’s three northern territories: Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Some things we take for granted down here »

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Rhinos and turtles once roamed Yukon lands

The Yukon, a territory located in northwestern Canada, was once home to ancient rhinos and turtles, a recent analysis of fossils discovered in 1973 shows. 8 to 9 million years ago, these rhinos were about two metres high and three »

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Yukon: a very unusual reunion with the “sourtoe” cocktail

Nick Griffiths is a former British Royal Marine commando, a tough guy. He was also a former participant in the incredibly gruelling Yukon Ultra marathon in 2018 where he suffered frostbite that resulted in the amputation of three toes.  The »