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Mistreated animals in Quebec zoo allowed to be transferred

The animals from the Saint-Edouard Zoo in Quebec will finally be transferred to care centres in the next few days after the owner, accused of animal cruelty, lost his appeal to have search warrants cancelled. Normand Trahan faces two counts »

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Major move for thousands of Montreal animals

The approximately 4,500 animals in the variety of environments at Montreal’s “biodome” are going to move out. The biodome- a combination zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, and museum is planning a major renovation, and the animals can’t stay while the project »


It’s a boy, and girl and a girl and a girl, for the Toronto Zoo

(with files from Canadian Press) There are 18 penguin species around the world, and among them the African penguin is the most endangered. Two pairs of African penguins at the Toronto Zoo have laid four eggs which hatched successfully in »


Scandal leads to zoo closing

The zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario, bills itself as the oldest private zoo in North America. Bowmanville is about 75 kilometres east of Canada’s biggest city, Toronto. The zoo began 97 years ago as an amusement park with a petting zoo. »

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Lion shakes zookeeper by the neck

A 20 year-old employee of Granby Zoo, east of Montreal, is in hospital with severe injuries after being attacked by a lion yesterday. The young woman had been preparing three lions as part of the normal morning routine when of »

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Killing of gorilla raises questions about zoos

A Cincinnati zoo’s decision to shoot and kill a gorilla has sparked dramatic and wildly varying reaction. A four-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure on Saturday. A 200-kg male gorilla named Harambe at times seemed protective of the boy »

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Hanako- the world’s loneliest elephant- is dead.

Hanako, meaning ‘flower child’ has died in her enclosure in Japan. Hanako, a female elephant was a gift from the Thai government to Japan and had lived at Tokyo zoo since the age of two. A few years ago Canadian »

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Vancouver woman’s plea for Japanese elephant

If it was a human, it might well be considered cruel and unusual punishment. That’s what Vancouver blogger Ulara Nakagawa thought when she saw the elephant in what she describes as a “prison” in “one of the cruellest, most archaic »

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Leopard cubs: Resistance is futile, when it comes to kittens

Ok I admit it, I too am a sucker for cute baby animal photos. But how can you resist these two newcomers? These are rare snow leopard cubs, born at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 15. They »

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Toronto’s elephants finally heading to California sanctuary

After a long-drawn out controversy over several years, the Toronto Zoo’s three remaining elephants will be heading to the PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) elephant sanctuary in California. Thika was born at the Toronto Zoo in 1980 © Pat Hewitt-Canadian Press »