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Global warming has put the once remote and inaccessible Arctic at the centre of world attention. Melting sea ice is rapidly opening up Arctic waters for a new era of navigation and exploitation. It’s also creating a realm of new business opportunities in mining, oil and gas exploration, commercial fishing and tourism. Circumpolar nations are now jostling to stake their own claims on this “New North”.

  • But what does all this mean for people living in the Arctic?
  • How will opening up the North affect their lives?
  • What are the consequences of exploiting Northern resources?
  • What impact will the Arctic meltdown have on humanity at large?
  • How is world geopolitics being shaped by this “New North”?

Eye on the Arctic is a circumpolar co-production that seeks to answer some of these questions. Initiated and co-ordinated by Radio Canada International, Eye on the Arctic brings together print, broadcast and web journalists from circumpolar countries to better tell the stories of communities and people directly affected by climate change. We also welcome contributors living, working, or researching the Arctic to add their voice to the site through the Eye on the Arctic blog or by submitting a video or multimedia project. We have our Eye on the Arctic – and we’re working to make sure that anyone interested in the Arctic has their eye on us.

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