Dania has just turned 23 years old. At her party, we do not drink alcohol and only women are invited. She introduces us to her mother, a Québécoise who converted to Islam more than 20 years ago, and then takes us to her Eritrean father’s home, where we witness the different outlooks of first and second generations. Later, she makes decisions about her life after graduation from law school.

1 - Dania is Celebrating Her 23rd Birthday
Dania is hosting her 23rd birthday at home amongst girls. And unlike most parties of people her age, there is no alcohol.

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2 - Dania’s Quebecois family?
Dania introduces her Quebecois mother who converted to Islam 22 years ago. Dania talks about her Quebecois culture and how she is perceived by her mom’s side of the family.

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3 - Dania’s Eritrean Side
Dania goes to her father’s home one Wednesday morning for some tea and cookies as well as a father-daughter discussion. He's an Eritrea immigrant who came to Canada 35 years ago.

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4 - Dania’s choice
Dania just graduated from law. She is debating whether she should apply for an internship or travel abroad to learn Arabic.

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Dania Suleman was born and raised in Longueuil and Brossard, on the south shore across from Montreal, but received all her education in Montreal itself. Her mother is a Québécoise convert to Islam and her father is from Eritrea.

Dania studied pure and applied sciences at College de Maisonneuve and Civil Law at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

She is currently working towards becoming a lawyer. She loves being around people and friends, laughing and enjoying life, acquiring knowledge, and keeping up on current affairs. She enjoys walking outside, immersing herself in work and discovering the world through travel.