Eduardo converted to Islam four years ago, after having spent many years distrustful of Muslims. Since then, he has been integrating into his new community and sharing his new religion with his Brazilian family and old friends, learning Arabic and delving into the life stories of other converts, like Malcolm X.

1 - 9-11 - Ten Years Later
Eduardo had developed a lot of hatred towards Muslims shortly after 9-11, blaming them for the terrorist attacks. Ironically, he converted to Islam a couple of years later, and went through a major lifestyle change.

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2 - The Parent’s Point of View
Eduardo's parents split up when he was young. He lives with his father, and his mother is retired in Brazil. In this episode, Eduardo's parents talk about how they felt about his conversion to Islam.

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3 - The Conversion
Eduardo reminisces about the day he converted to Islam. He got introduced to it via one of his classmates in high school. In this episode, he introduces us to his friend Oussama, and talks about how his friendship influenced his perception of Muslims.

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4 - Learning Arabic
Eduardo is learning Arabic to better understand the Quran and the religion, but it's not always easy for him. In this episode, he reflects on a book that highly influenced him in his conversion to Islam, which is the biography of Malcolm X, a character he highly identifies with.

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Eduardo Alves Dos Anjos was born in São Paulo, Brazil and raised in Montreal. However, he prefers to consider himself a citizen of the world. He is currently studying at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business where he’s working towards his Bachelor’s degree.

He tries to maintain a balance in life between meditation and prayer, and his hobbies of jogging, capoeira (Brazilian martial art) and reading, as well as his academic studies. He also volunteers with the Concordia University Muslim Students Association in their community work and organization of Islamic events.

Eduardo is greatly inspired by philosophy and has a deep intolerance towards injustice and human suffering. He aspires to be more active in human rights organizations and would like to become a firefighter.