A loyal listener who shares his views

Peter Ashcroft  chats with RCI's Eilis Quinn in 2013.

Peter Ashcroft chats with RCI’s Eilis Quinn in 2013.


Peter Henry Ashcroft of Sapley, England has been one of Radio Canada’s most loyal listeners since the early 1960s.

Before the advent of email, he was quick with a pen, ready to post a letter voicing deeply held opinions of a variety of subjects.

Ashcroft is an inveterate writer and definitely not a man who hides his light under a bushel.

The Internet, it seems, has only increased his output.

It is quite unlikely that any RCI staffer, at least on the English side, does not know the name Peter Ashcroft or read–on air or off–a letter or bit of verse he has composed.

As we honour RCI’s 70 years, we would be hard-pressed to find a more willing celebrant

Peter Henry Ashcroft spoke to us from his home on a bright, crisp day in Sapley.


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