The first official broadcast (film)


Newsreel photo imge from the military Canadian Fim and Photo Unit (CFPU) showing Canadian soldiers -possibly in Holland or Belgium, on a Sherman tank listening to the new CBC International Service on the tank’s 19-set wireless Photo Credit: CFPU

After initial but not particularly pressing discussions in the 1930′s about Canada joining the world’s other major nations as a shortwave broadcaster to adding it voice to world discussions, the outbreak of war suddenly increased the pressure.

At the same time, it changed the reason for such a service. It was felt Canadian military personnel serving abroad would need and should have, news from Canada.

In 1942, the government created the “International Service”, but  wartime production priorities delayed delivery of things like transmitters. However by December1944, test broadcasts were being made, and the service was officially inaugurated in on February 25th, 1945.  The Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit and the National Film Board recorded the moment in this Canadian Army Newsreel. Of note, once broadcasts began in English and French to Canadians, a German service was also begun as a “psychological” weapon.

*(Film plays following adverts)

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