Along the Tracks: Jamal Clarke

Along the Tracks, tells the story of Jamal Clarke, a strong, young community leader. Jamal grew-up in the Jane and Finch community of Toronto. That’s where he created “Friends in Trouble”, to strengthen the diverse community and provide an example and inspiration for the youth. A film by Ashley Bowes for the Digital Diversity contest Documentary, Toronto, Ontario, 2007, 8 min 03 s

Abdallah of Mile-End

Abdallah is a Djiboutian-born Canadian who lives in Montreal’s Mile-End neighbourhood, famous for its cultural diversity and vibrancy of life. Everyone who meets Abdallah is immediately struck by his sheer enthusiasm for life. He tells good jokes, too.

Everybody Plays the Piano…But Not Like Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones talks about his life as a musician and how the music led his course to rediscover his roots. This world renowned pianist has worked with many artists and says the ones who have impressed him most are those who have remained humble. He has remained humble himself by remembering where he started. A film by Awakhiwe Dlodlo, for Radio Canada International Documentary, Montreal, 2010, 5 min 10 s

The Fruit That Grows Anywhere: Alex Cuba

This Cuban Canadian feels comfortable living in a small town in Smithers, BC, Canada. And Alex Cuba doesn’t miss his Cuban roots because he has adapted well in his new country. He says his music is also Cuban-Canadian and he keeps searching in himself that fruit which can grow in both countries.


RCI • Radio Canada International

Luc Simard – Director of Diversity and Relations. Radio-Canada


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