CBC Story – Black Canadians fought racism, discrimination to serve in Second World War Social Sharing

CBC Story – Upcoming closure of food bank for Black Albertans highlights gap in services, advocates say

CBC Story – Black Lives Matter organizer wants to see more BIPOC therapists, counsellors in the north

CBC Story – Doc about being Black in Chatham-Kent gains attention at film festivals across North America

BHM: A socioeconomic portrait of Blacks in Canada

Canada’s official statistics gathering agency, Statistics Canada has just Released two studies on blacks in Canada as part of Black History Month. One deals with diversity of the black population in Canada, while the other looks at education, labour, and resilience. Using the latest census, the Stats Can study on diversity shows some 1.2 million Canadians list themselves as being black or about 3.5 per cent of the total Canadian

CBC Report: Racism in Canada thrives and pretending otherwise nourishes it, say people who live it

A Toronto-based journalist who walked away from a columnist gig at a major newspaper after protesting the controversial practice of police carding has written a book on anti-black racism. Read More…

CBC Report: Breaking the black stereotype: CBC Manitoba live chat to tackle myths

CBC Asks: What does it mean to be a black man in Winnipeg? What presumptions are made about women of color? Rob Wilson is a black man who drives a nice car and that, he says, was enough to subject him to a curious traffic check while on the road in south Winnipeg. Read More…

CBC Report: ‘It reminds us of who we are’: 5 songs to play during Black History Month

A big part of any culture is music, and during Black History Month, CBC asked Josephine Watson and Clinton Davis, both of Moncton, to share their favourite songs. Read More…

Black History Month: Canada’s star Hall of Fame major league pitcher

The first Canadian in the baseball hall of fame Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins came from a baseball background. His father played with the Chatham Coloured All-Stars which helped break colour barriers in Ontario in the 1930’s. Further back and through his mother he was descended from slaves who escaped from the U.S via the ‘underground railway’ Born in Chatham Ontario, he was a star athlete in school and was signed at

CBC Report: This rural Ontario black hockey line broke barriers — producing generations of star players

An aged photo of three young black hockey players hangs in Darren Lowe’s basement. His dad Arthur is in the centre, stick on the ice, hunched over beside teammates Howard Sheffield and Gary Smith. Read More…


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Luc Simard – Director of Diversity and Relations. Radio-Canada


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