PHOTOS: Rockets and northern lights over Alaska


A NASA-funded collaborative research team launched a rocket Feb. 18 from Alaska's Poker Flat Research Range to collect data from the heart of the aurora some 202 miles above Earth.Photo: Mark Conde, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Alaska Dispatch.There’s some amazing photos on the website of our Eye on the Arctic collegues at Alaska Dispatch.

The photos were taken when a sounding rocket was launched on Saturday, February 18 to take data during the aurora borealis.

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Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic

Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic

Eilís Quinn is a journalist and manages Radio Canada International’s Eye on the Arctic news cooperation project.

Eilís has reported from the Arctic regions of all eight circumpolar countries and has produced numerous documentary and multimedia series about climate change and the issues facing Indigenous peoples in the North.

Her investigative report "Death in the Arctic: A community grieves, a father fights for change," about the violent death of Robert Adams, a 19-year-old Inuk man from Arctic Quebec, received an honourable mention for excellence in reporting on violence and trauma at the 2019 Dart Awards in New York City.

Her multimedia project on the health challenges in the Canadian Arctic, "Bridging the Divide," was a finalist at the 2012 Webby Awards.

Eilís has worked for media organizations in Canada and the United States and as a TV host for the Discovery/BBC Worldwide series "Best in China."

Twitter: @Arctic_EQ

Email: eilis.quinn(at)

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