Eye on the Arctic news round-up


De Beers Canada presented a joint proposal with four Dene communities to a panel reviewing the Gahcho Kué diamond project on Wednesday. CBC.caA round-up of stories that made headlines across the North this week.


De Beers Canada and four Dene First Nation groups want to work together on a new diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories.


The chair of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change praises Finland’s commitment to environmentally friendly technology.


A Russian tanker reaches Japan after crossing the Northern Sea Route.


Blizzards hit Sweden’s east coast.

United States

How rural Alaskan communities are turning to alternative energy sources like wind turbines.

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Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic

Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic

Eilís Quinn is a journalist and manages Radio Canada International’s Eye on the Arctic circumpolar news project. At Eye on the Arctic, Eilís has produced documentary and multimedia series about climate change and the issues facing Indigenous peoples in the circumpolar world. Her documentary Bridging the Divide was a finalist at the 2012 Webby Awards. Eilís began reporting on the North in 2001. Her work as a reporter in Canada and the United States, and as TV host for the Discovery/BBC Worldwide series "Best in China" has taken her to some of the world’s coldest regions including the Tibetan mountains, Greenland and Alaska; along with the Arctic regions of Canada, Russia, Norway and Iceland.

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