Charlie Biddle

Charlie Biddle

Remembered as the father of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Charles Biddle lent his name to the club that kept the groove going year-round.  Biddles, now known as The House of Jazz, was a draw for jazz stars and fans, from around the world.  Charles Biddle was made a member of the Order of Canada in 2003.  The Saint Jean Baptiste Society said, ‘without him, Quebecers might not have developed their love for jazz’.

Ain’t got time to die – Chantres musiciens Disques XXI – 21 Records
Straight No Chaser (T.Monk) Justin Time Records Just 902
Narrateur: Karen Robinson

4 Replies to “Charlie Biddle”

  1. Tracey Hill says:

    An extremely important figure in the Montreal, Quebec and Canadian world of arts.
    May his legacy live on.

    • Thank you Tracy, we appreciate your comment!
      Well his legacy does live on in our hearts for sure but also through my opening of a new live music venu in old Montreal called Biddlesjr.
      Please drop by to listen to some jazz and have a bite of our southern inspired cuisine!
      Best regards
      Charles Biddle jr

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