10 books to read during Black History Month

CBC Books recommends these 10 great books by great Canadian writers. Read more

Being Black in Canada

A CBC special presentation in celebration of the Black History month, hosted by Asha Tomlinson. Read more

Black History Month Montreal

Throughout February, Homerun will bring you feature interviews with some of the 2015 Montreal Black History Month laureates — members of the black community who have had a major impact on Quebec society through their achievements. Read more

CBC – The book of Negroes

Abducted from her village in West Africa, eleven-year-old Aminata Diallo is forced into a slave coffle and must endure a horrific ocean crossing. She is brought to a South Carolina plantation where she makes herself useful by using midwifery skills learned at her mother’s side, all the while keeping the attentions of her jealous slave master, Robinson Appleby, at bay. Soon after Aminata reencounters Chekura, a fellow slave from West

Events change Black History Month, says journalist

The killings of unarmed black men by police in the United States has changed the conversation about race relations going into Black History Month this year, says freelance journalist Desmond Cole. https://www.rcinet.ca/bhm-en/wp-content/uploads/sites/44/2015/02/Interview-Lynn_2015-02-04.mp3 ‘History must link with today’ Traditionally the month February features celebrations of prominent Canadians of African descent from the past and present, some of their struggles, and achievements. But Cole says there is no value in looking a

CBC – 23 historical black Canadians you should know

February is Black History Month, a time to reflect on the stories, experiences, and accomplishments of Canada’s black community. Here are 23 black Canadians who made major contributions to Canada’s culture and legacy. Read more

CBC – Ottawa celebrates Black History Month with TD Then & Now

TD Then & Now: Black History Month series kicks off in Ottawa January 20th, with a series of events to celebrate black culture in the community.

CBC – Black History Month: 6 black Canadian culture-makers

February is Black History Month in Canada, which provides an opportunity to celebrate some of the movers and shakers at the heart of this country’s arts and culture scene – and the icons who helped inspire them.

Black drop-out rate in Canada “a national disgrace”: Professor Afua Cooper

Black students in Canada are not doing well, and according to Professor Afua Cooper, the statistics are a “national disgrace”.   ‘School to prison pipeline’ Professor Cooper, a scholar, author and Dub poet, is the James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies. Her mission is to raise the profile of African Nova Scotian history to Nova Scotians and Canadians. But she is not optimistic. Professor Cooper says with drop-out rates


RCI • Radio Canada International

Luc Simard – Director of Diversity and Relations. Radio-Canada


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