African-based performances planned for Black History Month

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Lynn Desjardins | The Nuits d’Afrique music festival takes place every summer in Montreal, but it will also contribute to the festivities planned for Black History Month this February 2019. The producers of this event seek to promote and share all types of music rooted in Africa. They have planned what they say will be a journey through African history through four evenings of international entertainment. One…

Mermaids to feature at immigration museum show

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Lynn Desjardins | February is Black History Month in Canada and Canada’s immigration museum is “enthused to showcase the many exceptional African Canadian artists onstage” as part of a show it is presenting February 8, 9 and 10, 2019. The show is called Winter Solstice: Souls of Sirens and will be presented by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in the eastern city of Halifax….

Celebrating Black History Month, in ways large and small

CBC | Nantali Indongo | CBC’s Arts & Culture contributor Nantali Indongo offers up a few suggestions of events and ways to celebrate     On the eve of Black History Month, I hung out at the Eaton Centre and McGill Metro station asking Montrealers their thoughts on the significance of the month-long celebration. Despite my big smile and welcoming demeanour in full-on Quebec winter gear, people ran away from…

Jully Black marks Black History Month with free Calgary concert

‘Whatever you’re doing in life, it’s those who stick to it and actually persevere that make it to that dream’ By The Homestretch, CBC News Dubbed “Canada’s Queen of R&B Soul” by her fans, Jully Black is bringing a free concert to Calgary in celebration of Black History Month. The family-friendly event, called “Break Through the Glass Ceiling,” is a combination of live performance, storytelling and reflection on what it means to persevere. “Those…

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Your opinion on Black History Month

Black History Month is only celebrated in North America and in the UK. Do you think it should be celebrated all over the world?

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