New winter cold record in Finland


Finland heads into Independence Day in bitterly cold conditions. Image: Väinö Kautto, Äänekoski.  A new record-low temperature was set on Tuesday night in Vuotso, a village in the municipality of Sodankylä in Finland’s Far North, where the mercury plunged to a blistering -31.3 degrees Celsius.

Many areas of Finland’s Arctic Lapland province were locked in a deep freeze.

The night was a brutally cold -29 degrees in the municipalities of Kittilä and Salla.

Icy conditions were also present farther south. In South Ostrobothnia the temperature plunged to -25C in several places.


Fog clouds contributed to Finnish Lapland’s mildest nighttime lows of around -12C, which were recorded in the municipality Utsjoki near the Norwegian border.

Last month’s cold record of -27C was broken in Naruska, a village in the municipality of Salla.

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