Beware of thin lake ice warns Finnish Environment Institute

(Paavo Koponen / Yle)
(Paavo Koponen / Yle)
The Finnish Environment Institute Syke is warning of dangerously weak lake and river ice in the south and centre of the country.

Syke says that ice on lakes in the south and centre of Finland is thinner than it has ever been before at the start of March. Colder conditions in the last couple of days will not significantly strengthen the ice.

Ice was between 15cm and 25cm thick at most measuring points in the south of the country, around 15cm-25cm thinner than seasonal averages. Usually lake ice only tends to weaken during the second half of March, making this an exceptionally dangerous spring for skaters and ice-fishers.

River ice is also weaker than usual, but has also been relatively thin throughout the winter. In many parts of the south river ice has already melted, but where it remains Syke says the frozen sections are dangerously weak.

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