Sweden’s Christmas present of the year is…. an electric bike!

The electrical bicyle has really taken off in Sweden with almost 70,000 sold last year. (Dave Russell/Radio Sweden)
 Swedes needing Christmas gift ideas have been given a big tip from the retail branch. The Swedish Retail Institute’s ‘Christmas Present of the Year’ is an electric bicycle.
It’s a product that has had an enormous development with nearly 70,000 e-bikes sold last year. It’s a product that reflects a lot of things that are going on in society right now.

– Johan Larsson, HUI analyist

The Swedish Retail Institute (HUI) has been coming out with a Christmas Present of the Year since 1988, and over the years, they have included a CD player (1991), a mobile phone (1994), an internet package (1996), and a tablet computer (2010).

One criterium for the selection is that it must represent the era in which we live.

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Radio Sweden

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