Only 1 % of Finnish waste sent to landfill

Finns are used to separating their rubbish. (Annika Martikainen/Yle)
Some 60 percent of Finnish refuse is burnt at incinerators.

New figures from Statistics Finland show that just one percent of Finnish rubbish collected by municipal authorities now ends up at landfill sites.

The figures, which were published on Wednesday, relate to waste disposed of in 2017. They show a sharp increase in incineration, to 60 percent of total garbage. That is mostly used to power district heating systems.

That uptick in incineration comes in part from a reduction in recycling, but that still accounts for 39 percent of Finland’s total waste. That leaves one percent heading to landfill sites, a reduction from three percent in 2016.

In all households in Finland produce some 2.8 million tonnes of waste each year, which works our at around 500 kilograms per inhabitant.

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