Between myths and realities what is immigrants’ reality?

Let’s talk about faith!


A larger share of recent immigrants are Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist

Just over one million people claimed to be Muslim, accounting for 3.2 per cent of the country’s total population.

Hindus accounted for 1.5 per cent, Sikhs 1.4 per cent, Buddhists 1.1 per cent and Jews 1.0 per cent.

More than 7.8 million people, or almost a quarter of the population (23.9 per cent), had no religious affiliation.

Did you know?
Two-thirds of Canada’s population, just over 22.1 million people (67.3 per cent), belongs to various Christian denominations. Roman Catholics (approximately 12,728,900) were by far the largest Christian group, with members of the United Church being the second largest group (approximately 2,007,600).

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