Ice-Blog: Greenland earthquake and tsunami – hazards of melting ice?

Following the news over the weekend with a trip to Greenland this summer at the back of my mind, my attention was immediately caught by


Injustices against Sámi, Kven peoples to be examined by commission in Norway

The establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission can start as the majority of the Norwegian Storting decides to examine former repression against the two

Norway offers oil companies 93 new blocks in Arctic waters

New exploration acreage is vital for our jobs and economy, the country’s oil minister highlights as he invites the oil industry into the most pristine


Sámi concerned about Arctic railway plans

Tiina Sanila-Aikio says no Sámi people have been invited to discuss the new Rovaniemi-Kirkenes railway that will run straight through their traditional reindeer herding areas.