Retired military leader worries Norway’s Arctic would be vulnerable in conflict between West and Russia

In case of a bigger conflict, it is quite likely that Russian armed forces would initiate a ground operation against the neighboring Norwegian region, Lieutenant

Russia’s Northern Fleet drilled submarine hunt in Bering Strait

As they sailed throughout the shallow waters separating Russia and the U.S.A., the ships lined up in battle formation and engaged in anti-submarine training. The

U.S. Supreme Court: What’s Alaska senator Murkowski’s stance on the allegations against Kavanaugh?

The allegation that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have sexually assaulted a girl in high school has created fresh uncertainty over whether the

Lost fishing gear threatens marine life, says animal rights group

World Animal Protection Canada, a non-profit focused on international animal protection, is urging Canada and all nations to deal with lost and discarded fishing gear