Iceland’s president admits he went ‘too far’ with threat to ban pineapple pizza

Nearly two years after the president of Iceland drew Canada’s ire with his disparaging comments about pineapple pizza, Gudni Johannesson says he regrets his off-the-cuff

Centre Party’s Annie Lööf gets her chance at breaking Sweden’s political impasse

The leader of the Center Party will be the next person to try to break Sweden’s political deadlock, which has left it with no new

Aging fleet jeopardizing future of ecosystem mapping in Arctic Russia

As one of Russia’s aging marine research vessels burns at port in Murmansk, northwest Russia, scientists warn there is no capacity left to do ecosystem

Grieving Inuit families in Arctic Quebec blame deaths on racism in health-care

Kuujjuarapik’s community centre echoes with the sounds of Mary Pirti Kumarluk’s sobs. Her daughter, Siasi ​Kumarluk, along with a support worker from the Viens Commission