A new project to count eider population poisoned by shot in Alaska

Threatened spectacled eiders, sea ducks that have died in large numbers after ingesting lead from hunters’ spent ammunition, will be tracked and counted in a


Another tiny measurement of radioactive iodine in Norway

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authorities (NRPA) without any suspected source. The very small amount of radioactive iodine was measured in week 10, between March 6 to

Arctic sea ice reaches record-low maximum extent for 3rd winter in a row

Arctic sea ice has begun its annual melt after reaching a record-low winter maximum extent, scientists announced on Wednesday. The winter freeze-up peaked on March

U.S. Senate lifts ban on predator killing in Alaska refuges

The U.S. Senate today voted to overturn an Obama Administration rule that banned certain methods of killing predators on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. The