Re-imagining black history on stage with ‘Venus’ Daughter’

Meghan Swaby’s new play runs at Toronto’s Obsidian Theatre Company until February 28

Stephanie Matteis · CBC Arts

Meghan Swaby’s new play Venus’ Daughter is about a modern-day woman who is guided by the spirit of Sara Baartman — a Khoisan woman from 19th century South Africa who was sold to a human zoo in Paris. Her remains were kept on display in a museum until repatriated to South Africa in 2002.

In this clip from Exhibitionists, host Amanda Parris visited Obsidian Theatre Company — where the play is currently having its premiere run — for a behind-the-scenes look at the production. Obsidian is notably celebrating its 15th year of promoting stories of black voices and mentoring culturally diverse emerging playwrights.

Venus’ Daughter. Created by Meghan Swaby. Directed by Philip Akin.

Obsidian Theatre Company, Toronto.

Until Feb 28.

Watch Exhibitionists Sunday at 4:30pm (5pm NT) on CBC Television.

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