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Google and the French media alliance reach agreement to pay for news content

– News content includes summary and reuse

Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale (APIG), a French media alliance organization, announced an agreement with Google on the use of media content. The news of agreement was jointly announced by Google and Media Alliance.

Google will pay for the news content appearing on its platform, even if it is only a brief summary and rewrite.

This agreement is based on the Copyright Reform Act passed by the European Union in 2019. This Act is to require platforms like Google to be responsible for copyright content appearing on their platforms. Among the terms in the Act, “neighbouring right” is the main reason why Google has to compromise with the media.

The “neighbouring right” given to the copyright of news content makes the media own the copyright of content even when the content is reused and summarized by other platforms.

In its announcement blog, Google says the agreements will cover publishers’ neighboring rights and allow for participation in News Showcase, a new licencing program launched by Google to provide readers access to full content on its platform.

In a statement, Sébastien Missoffe, CEO of Google France said “…the agreement confirms Google’s commitment to compensate publishers appropriately under French law, and opens up new opportunities for our publisher partners.”

This agreement was signed jointly with all the members of the French media alliance – APIG, but specific compensation will be negotiated between Google and each content publisher separately.

Google has not disclosed how much money will be distributed to French publishers according to the agreement and how the payment will be related to the content reuse.

However, Google did mention they have already rolled out a news cooperation plan in 2019, which promised to initially invest $1 billion in the news business.

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