Hunters overrepresented on Swedish wildlife delegations


Photo: Olivier Morin, AFP.Researchers at Luleå Technical University, in northern Sweden, are questioning the politics around the country’s predator management after a review found that nine of 15 politicians who sit on wildlife management delegations are hunters.

The wildlife management delegations manage wildlife control in many parts of Sweden and decide on such issues as how many wolves and bears should be allowed to live in particular counties.

The delegates each represent a specific interest group, such as outdoor recreation, local tourism and business, or nature conservation.

For the study, 15 representatives from three wildlife management delegations answered questions about their views on many subjects.

“Of the people who are in the delegations and who represent other interests, there is a large percentage of them who consider themselves to be hunters,” says Simon Matti, political scientist at Luleå Technical University. “But on paper they represent some other interest.”

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