Rainy Midsummer celebration in Sweden

Swedes should prepare for a rainy Midsummer celebration, with even a chance of snow.

The meteorological office SMHI has some advice: pray to the weather gods.

A low-pressure zone over southern Sweden will bring rain and wind for the Midsummer weekend, traditionally celebrated outdoors by millions of Swedes.

“In the middle of the day it’s the west coast that is most in the danger zone. Then it will take itself to the southern counties during the afternoon and evening,” says Lovisa Andersson at SMHI, to Swedish Radio News.

Local showers are also expected in the centre of the country and in the north, with temperatures from 15-20 degrees.

The northern mountains will be colder, and it will be snow falling from the clouds.
Lovisa Andersson says the best chance of avoiding the rain is for those celebrating in the county of Gävleborg, in the southern part of the North.

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Radio Sweden

Radio Sweden

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