Team/Équipe/Equipo/我们的团队/ فريق العمل

Soleïman Mellali : rédacteur en chef/Editor in Chief


Léonardo Gimeno : édimestre


English :


Carmel Kilkenny : presenter-producer


Er Shen: webmaster


Français :


Stéphane Parent : présentateur-réalisateur


Español :


Martin Movilla: presentador realizador


Leonardo Gimeno : webmaster




播报 – 制作人:吴薇





سمير بدوي: مقدم ومخرج

زبير الجازي: وبمستر

One comment on “Team/Équipe/Equipo/我们的团队/ فريق العمل
  1. Hello,
    I would to let you know that Alberta and BC Drivers Books have been translated to Arabic language under permission from both ministries, attached is the website on Facebook. I know a lot of Arabic speaking ppl will be very much interested in it.
    thank you

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