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the LINK Online (Sat Nov1, 2014)

This week your hosts are Lynn Desjardins, and Marc Montgomery, with a contribution on the show this week from Carmel Kilkenny sitting in for Wojtek.


The recent deliberately targetted killings of two Canadian soldiers in separate incidents has resulted in much grief in Canada.

Parliament resumed the day after a gunman stormed the building. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spoken of strengthening laws to prevent such attacks in future © Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press

Even before those killings however, the federal Conservative government had been planning a law which would give security and intelligence agencies more power.

The killings of the soldiers in what some have described as terrorist attacks, has served to strengthen the government’s position that it needs more and stronger laws.

However, several groups say these new measures would dangerously infringe on Canadians civil lieberties.

Lynn spoke to Sukanya Pillay, a director and lawyer with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

This large and very strange new dinosaur of the ostrich-mimic family, looks more like an experiment with features of several different species, not the least of which is an extremely narrow snout with a wider duck-bill like portion at the tip, and feathery-like tip of the tail. The unusually large forelimbs were probably to help forage or catch prey in shallow water. © Yuong-Nam Lee/KIGAM

This week, an archaeological mystery solved after almost 50 years.  It involves dinosaur forelimbs, but no body, which led to speculation that the rest of the creature may have been enormous.

Now, after following a trail somewhat akin to an episode from Indiana Jones, a team led by Canadian dinosaur expert Philip Currie located the “lost” quarry using an old hand drawn map, found another, then a third specimen.

Then through connections found more bones which had been poached…all to be able to eventually piece together a full skeleton of what has turned out to be a large and very strange dinosaur that lived about 70 million years ago in Mongolia.

Marc contacted University of Alberta professor Currie and we present an edited version of their conversation.

The full version is in the highlights section.

This week Carmel filled in for Wojtek.

Kahnawake resident Cheryl Diabo looks over the sign left anonymously in August 2014, declaring she lives with a ‘White Man’. She opposes the intention to evict non-native residents. © CBC

She looked at a story concerning a First Nations Mohawk community near Montreal Quebec.

The reserve had passed a resolution years ago, preventing non-natives from living in the community.

Now the community of Kahnawake says it is about to start enforcing the rule and will send out eviction notices to non-natives. This could mean the break-up, or some hard decisions by couples who have married non-natives.

Carmel spoke to Joe Delaronde, spokesman for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake

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