Another snowy, windy, wet and dangerously slippery day in Finland

Street conditions in FInland are far from great.
(Jussi Mansikka/Yle)
Heavy, drifting snow disrupted road traffic and delayed rail services in northern parts of the country on Thursday. Rain and rising temperatures have brought warnings of extremely slippery conditions in other areas.

Trains to far northern destinations were running behind schedule on Thursday morning with delays in services between Helsinki and Rovaniemi, as well as Helsinki and Oulu.

Air traffic has been, however, reported to be operating according to schedule.

Dangerously slippery

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued warnings of hazardous driving conditions and a warning of dangerously slippery conditions for pedestrians affecting most of the country.

Heavy snowfall on Wednesday combined with thaws and rain overnight have left streets and pavements covered with slush, in many places hiding patches of ice.

Main roads in southern parts of the country and in the Pirkanmaa are clear, but conditions on smaller roads are still hazardous.

Road traffic is also being affected by large puddles of water from melted snow cover.

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