“You cannot paint white on white, black on black.  

Each needs the other to be. “

African proverb

In February 2020, as every year, Radio-Canada marks Black History Month with a varied program on all platforms.
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Portraits of Black Canadians

Find out more about black Canadians who contributed to the building of Canada and who are making their mark every day. From our archives Danger, hardship, heroism and tragedy. All are features of black immigration to Canada in the nineteenth century. The story of black immigration to Canada began 400 years ago with the arrival of the French at Port Royal. John Graves Simcoe, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, signed

About Black History Month

The first Black person in Canada, Mathieu Da Costa, arrived on the country’s East Coast in 1605. He’d sailed with Samuel de Champlain, hired as a valued interpreter. But for the many Blacks who arrived after him, the experience was very different. Black history in North America, unlike “White” history, must take into account the hundreds of thousands of Africans who were brought to this continent against their will. The

CBC Report: Black History Month on Gem

Renowned journalist Elvis Mitchell takes A-list filmmakers and actors to places of inspiration around the world, with unprecedented access, exploring how each location shaped their work and identity. Read More…

Black history month: Against the tide-Chatham Coloured All-Stars; champions!

The year was 1934 and discrimination was still quite common throughout society, including sports. That year however, in spite of all kinds of obstacles, the black players of the Chatham Coloured All Stars broke through the barriers to become Ontario baseball champions.  At the time, black players were banned from professional baseball. Jackie Robinson broke that barrier when he became the first to black player in pro-ball when he joined

Author Desmond Cole on the Black experience in Canada

Toronto resident Desmond Cole, is an activist and journalist. He wrote an article in 2015 about the many times he had been stopped by police and interrogated on the street. The article in Toronto Life was a spark that brought both himself and his concerns into national prominence. But he says, that hasn’t stopped either police or the public’s general attitudes against black people. His book is an expansion on

CBC Report: The Photograph (and 10 more Black love stories to watch this Valentine’s Day)

Black Light is a weekly column by Governor General Award-winning writer Amanda Parris that spotlights, champions and challenges art and popular culture that is created by Black people and/or centres Black people. This Valentine’s Day, there’s more to celebrate than a reduction in chocolate prices. A new Black romance film opens in theatres, and a Canadian filmmaker is at the helm. Read More…

CBC Report: 3 takes on Black History Month in N.L.

February is officially recognized as Black History Month in Canada — a designation made in 1995 following a motion introduced by the first black Canadian woman elected to Parliament, Jean Augustine. In Newfoundland and Labrador, a search of the provincial government’s website for Black History Month turns up no related results. Read More…

CBC Report: Ladysmith Black Mambazo leader Joseph Shabalala dead at 78

The founder of the South African music group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Joseph Shabalala, has died at age 78, the state broadcaster reported Tuesday. Read More…

CBC Report: 6 works of Canadian fiction to read for Black History Month 2020

It’s Black History Month. Check out these six recent works of fiction by black Canadian authors. Frying Plantain follows Kara Davis through elementary school to her high school graduation, as she comes of age while being perennially caught between her Canadian nationality and Jamaican heritage. Over a series of 12 stories, Davis visits her great aunt in Jamaica, endures a cruel prank by close friends and deals with her stubborn

CBC Report: Six Canadian writers of black heritage to watch in 2020

In honour of Black History Month 2020, CBC Books is highlighting six Canadian writers of black heritage who are making their mark. Desmond Cole is a journalist, radio host and activist based in Toronto. Cole’s writing has appeared in the Toronto Star, Toronto Life, NOW Magazine and the Walrus. Read More…

CBC Report: A celebration of Black history month through food in Waterloo region

A great way to celebrate Black History Month is to experience food from Waterloo region’s diverse communities. This week, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo’s food columnist Andrew Coppolino was joined by special guest Elvis Ellison of Ellison’s Bistro on The Morning Edition. Read More…

CBC Report: Saint John honours Black History Month with ‘historic’ gesture

  The city of Saint John celebrated the start of Black History Month by making a bit of history on the steps of city hall. The Pan-African flag was raised for what’s believed to be the first time in New Brunswick. Dozens of people looked on, many holding flags in their hand, as it unfurled on Monday afternoon. Read More…


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