“You cannot paint white on white, black on black.  

Each needs the other to be. “

African proverb

In February 2020, as every year, Radio-Canada marks Black History Month with a varied program on all platforms.
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Portraits of Black Canadians

Find out more about black Canadians who contributed to the building of Canada and who are making their mark every day. From our archives Danger, hardship, heroism and tragedy. All are features of black immigration to Canada in the nineteenth century. The story of black immigration to Canada began 400 years ago with the arrival of the French at Port Royal. John Graves Simcoe, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, signed

About Black History Month

The first Black person in Canada, Mathieu Da Costa, arrived on the country’s East Coast in 1605. He’d sailed with Samuel de Champlain, hired as a valued interpreter. But for the many Blacks who arrived after him, the experience was very different. Black history in North America, unlike “White” history, must take into account the hundreds of thousands of Africans who were brought to this continent against their will. The

CBC Report: A celebration of Black history month through food in Waterloo region

A great way to celebrate Black History Month is to experience food from Waterloo region’s diverse communities. This week, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo’s food columnist Andrew Coppolino was joined by special guest Elvis Ellison of Ellison’s Bistro on The Morning Edition. Read More…

CBC Report: Saint John honours Black History Month with ‘historic’ gesture

  The city of Saint John celebrated the start of Black History Month by making a bit of history on the steps of city hall. The Pan-African flag was raised for what’s believed to be the first time in New Brunswick. Dozens of people looked on, many holding flags in their hand, as it unfurled on Monday afternoon. Read More…

CBC Report: Retired MP overcame hurdles to secure Black History Month designation

  Jean Augustine’s efforts in the House of Commons 25 years ago to build support for a motion calling on the federal government to designate February as Black History Month in Canada succeeded in the end, but there were some hurdles along the way. Read More…

CBC Report: P.E.I. youth celebrate start to Black History Month

The Confederation Centre Library in Charlottetown and the Black Cultural Society of P.E.I. gave Island families an opportunity to learn about Caribbean culture on Saturday. Read More…

Black History Month: Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Jones, a WWI hero

Jeremiah “Jerry” Jones had two “handicaps” going against him when he decided to enlist in the Canadian Army to serve King and country at the height of the First World War. He was black and old enough to be a grandfather to many of the young recruits, who were vying for a coveted spot on the enrollment list, swept up in the patriotic fervor that rolled over Canada at outset

Black history month: Royal Canadian mint special coin

Another colour barrier was broken in professional sports on January 12, 1958, and once again that barrier was broken in Canada. That was the date that Fredericton New Brunswick’s Willie O’Ree took to the ice in a National Hockey League matchup in Montreal. He became the first black player in an NHL game. To commemorate that event and Black History Month, the Royal Canadian Mint has released a special silver

Black History Month: Canada Post celebrates with another stamp

Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport, but historical racism was strong as it was in many other aspects of society, and the teams were white as the snow. It is little known that in the eastern Maritime provinces, black churches, initially around Halifax, took matters into their own hands. Hoping to use hockey to attract young men to the church, the various churches organised teams to compete for the  “coloured

Being Black in Canada

CBC | When Luke Ignace thinks about the things he misses most about his home in the Bahamas, he can’t help but think about his barber. Read his story and many more CBC reports related to Black History Month in their special section entitled Being Black in Canada.

Special edition of The Link to celebrate Black History Month

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Marc Montgomery | A special programme of The Link to mark Black History Month in Canada. Your hosts, Lynn and Marc, with special guests Claire-Anse Saint-Eloi- assistant coordinator for the round table on Black History Month; Deborah Forde- Montreal Black History Month Laureate, and Pat Dillon-Moore- spokesperson for Montreal’s Black History Month. Recorded at Espace Mushagalusa in downtown Montreal, on February 22nd 2019.     

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Marc Montgomery | For the first time, the NHL will be adapting the thrust of its February campaign of “hockey is for everyone” to a focus of celebrating Black History Month. The league (NHL) and the players association (NHLPA) have joined to mark the new campaign focus with special websites have set up to highlight the achievements and contributions of black players throughout the years. Canadian Willie O’Ree


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