“You cannot paint white on white, black on black.  

Each needs the other to be. “

African proverb

In February 2020, as every year, Radio-Canada marks Black History Month with a varied program on all platforms.
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Portraits of Black Canadians

Find out more about black Canadians who contributed to the building of Canada and who are making their mark every day. From our archives Danger, hardship, heroism and tragedy. All are features of black immigration to Canada in the nineteenth century. The story of black immigration to Canada began 400 years ago with the arrival of the French at Port Royal. John Graves Simcoe, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, signed

About Black History Month

The first Black person in Canada, Mathieu Da Costa, arrived on the country’s East Coast in 1605. He’d sailed with Samuel de Champlain, hired as a valued interpreter. But for the many Blacks who arrived after him, the experience was very different. Black history in North America, unlike “White” history, must take into account the hundreds of thousands of Africans who were brought to this continent against their will. The

Your guide to Hamilton’s 2018 Black History Month events

CBC Hamilton | It’s Black History Month, and there are dozens of events scheduled in Hamilton to celebrate the city’s black community. Here’s a list of what’s happening. Anything we’re missing? Send you event along to hamilton@cbc.ca and we’ll include it in our listing. Feb. 1 Niagara, Black Waters Flow Deep: Solomon Moseby’s Flight from Slavery. “Solomon Moseby’s story was a very significant part of the Canadian slavery and freedom debate in Upper Canada,

Black History Month: We’re here and we mean business

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Marc Montgomery | The second annual International Black Economic Forum  This major economic event takes place this weekend in Montreal. Frantz Saintellemy, entrepreneur is the honorary president this year of the international forum. He is also the founder of Group 3737, a business incubator and accelerator in Montreal. Listen to the interview The second year for the forum shows how the event has grown, and also how it

Black history month 2018 theme is women

  RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Lynn Desjardins | “Black Canadian Women: Stories of Strength, Courage and Vision,” is the official theme for this year’s Black History Month in Canada which starts today. The federal government introduced this special month in 1996 to raise awareness about Canadians of African descent. Canada recognizes a special decade too The statement on this theme comes days after the Canadian government announced it will officially recognize

Decade for People of African Descent recognized by Canada

  RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Lynn Desjardins | On the eve of Black History Month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the government will officially recognize the International Decade for People of African Descent, as declared by the United Nations. The decade spans 2015 to 2024. Three per cent of Canadians identify as black, according to government statistics. A news release from the prime minister’s office says the decade is

Black History Month 2018 : Canada creates new stamps

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Marc Montgomery | February each year marks the celebration of Black History Month in Canada, and although we’re still a week away from the official start, Canada Post has already begun to set the stage. This year, as they have in past years. Canada Post has released commemorative stamps of two trailblazers in society, both of whom helped to break down barriers for visible minorities in this country.

Black Nova Scotians to get land titles generations later

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Carmel Kilkenny | Black families, that have lived in Nova Scotia for generations, will finally be getting titles to their land. “Freedom and a Farm” Tony Ince, the Atlantic province’s Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs, addressed a press conference this morning with the news that the province had committed $2.7 million (Cdn) over two years, to help residents in five black communities obtain clear legal title to

UN report paints ugly portrait on anti-black racism in Canada

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Terry Haig | A report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday paints a bleak picture of anti-black racism in Canada. Those include apologizing for slavery and to consider making reparations for historical injustices.Prepared by a UN working group that came to Canada last October, the report makes a series of recommendations to Canada’s federal government. (According to the 2006 Census by Statistics Canada, 783,795

Montreal International Black Film Festival set for its 13th edition

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Terry Haig | The 13th edition of the Montreal International Black Film Festival opens Wednesday–probably not a minute too soon, given the madness North Americans have been watching over the last year on their television screens’. Most of the 66 films from 25 countries share a common theme: ‘Speak Up’ as organizers put the focus on those those who refuse to be silenced in what they say is

More honours for Canadian who stood against segregation

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Marc Montgomery | Long before America’s Rosa Parks, there was Canada’s Viola Desmond. Many people know of American Rosa Parks and cite her as the first to stand up for the civil rights of blacks in the U.S.  But Rosa Parks is the American version of Canada’s Viola Desmond who initiated a civil rights case in Canada years earlier, one that has had lasting repercussions. In 1946 Viola Desmond

The black settlers of Alberta

RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL | Marc Montgomery | It is little known fact even within Canada that there was a small but vibrant group of black settlers in the western prairie province of Alberta. They weren’t really part of the well-known “Underground Railroad” but nonetheless were leaving behind discrimination in the US. Some blacks had arrived in the late 1880’s but settlers really only began to arrive in the still mostly untamed


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